Manos Andinas | About us

Textile Origin

Those who create Manos Andinas are people with textile origins who combine the manufacturing history of Italian origin with native Latin American fibers.

In 2006 we founded the company Textil de los Andes S.A. with the aim of giving value to natural Andean fibers.

In 2013, as a result of our hard work and spirit of growth, we were able to make a significant investment to incorporate state-of-the-art technology for the development of quality fibers / treatment of natural fibers.

We currently have our own production plant, installed in El Pantanillo Industrial Park, Catamarca. It has 2 hectares and 2000 m2 built, where we produce from fiber to the final product, ensuring control over all processes.


Manos Andinas arises from the need of creating a 1st level brand with a Latin American identity, highlighting the Andes as the backbone of South America and emphasizing all natural fibers from the Patagonian Guanaco to the Vicuña of the North of the Andes.

This project aims to position the indigenous fibers of Latin America, not only in the artisan world but in urban fashion.

We are constantly working on our innovation to achieve improvements in fiber quality and incorporate designs that accompany trends in contemporary urban fashion.

Origin Values

We are proud to be able to create in origin. The production of our garments and accessories is carried out entirely in the Argentine Andes, since we consider that it is the only way to keep the essence of the ancestral knowledge intact which were originated by the techniques that enhance us today.

In itself, valuing, supporting and honoring the communities of the region dignify the work we do every day.