Manos Andinas | Philosophy


Production and economy at the service of nature and people.

In our philosophy we consider the integration of human beings and nature as a fundamental pillar in our processes.

At Manos Andinas we claim that all human beings have the duty to care for and respect the "common house", from the social, environmental and cultural point of view.

"The environment is a right"
"Human beings are part of the Environment: We Live in Communion"
"The Environment incorporates ethical limits, which human action must recognize and respect"

Environmental - Social – Cultural Traceability

Environmental Traceability:
We take care of our relationship with nature throughout the process chain, from the valorization of natural fibers, the recovery of industrial waste for reuse and work in the cooperatives that make it.

Social Traceability:
We work and take care of people. We engage with the inhabitants of the towns and communities that give rise to our products. We integrate those who live in La Puna Andina, who until now they have been outside the economic benefits of the fashion market; those who work in nature shearing animals or those who are in the factory. We respect the right to have a decent job.

Cultural Traceability:
We work to value the ancestral knowledge of the people of the Andes, incorporating those weaving experiences that come from many years ago and we put them in value in search of a design that reflects the fusion of the urban and the ancestral.

We don’t proclaim it, we do it

Through our labels you can see the unique origin of each of our garments.

We create Human Relationships: We relate directly to each person, attending to their needs and generating long-term quality relationships.

Price Policy: we work by paying a fair price of fiber value, as we prioritize both product quality and business relationships.

Recruitment: all our employment contracts are auditable and designed for the benefit of both parties.