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Manos Andinas | Andean fibers


Luxuriously light, soft and comfortable

Natural fibers are characterized by the fact that they breathe naturally, a quality that makes it so that they work as thermal insulators.

fresh in the summer
warm in the winter

Since they are elastic fibers they are more resistant to wrinkles and they last longer.

~ clothes for life ~



Light fibers and insulators that help regulate body temperature

Safe and fancy: these fibers are naturally fireproof.


Considered by The Incas to be the gold from The Andes, it’s the finest and most expensive fiber in the world.

It is characterized by it being naturally light, warm and exceptionally soft to the touch. Being from extreme weather gives the fiber thermal insulating qualities.

The animal’s back is a beige or a reddish light brown color and the rest of its body is white, with some variations depending on the geographical area where they live.

The Vicuña is a wild species that inhabits the Andean highlands, the north eastern part of Argentina, the west of Bolivia, the north eastern part of Chile, parts of the Andean Equator and the Andean Peruvian highlands. It is protected by the environment.


It’s a very thin, warm and soft fiber that’s a beige or light brown color. The Guanacos are mainly original from La Patagonia in Argentina, where they live in the wild, their fiber is considered exclusive because of how hard it is to find them.


It’s a naturally hypoallergenic fiber, very light, silky and capable of regulating body temperature. Originally from The Andes in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina, it brings a wide selection of natural colors: black, grey, brown, beige, white and painted.



Patagonian Goat

We call it this way because it inhabits the northern part of the Argentinian Patagonia.

The workers of the area work under a migration scheme that consists in taking the goats to the highest steppe during the summer, and bringing them down during the winter, a process that results in the possibility of obtaining a very thin fiber, similar to the Cashmere one. Textil de los Andes takes this material and takes care of untangling it so that nothing gets wasted and then Manos Andinas utilizes it in the making of their clothes.

Angora Goat

It’s one of the most beautiful natural fibers in the world, characterized by it being noble, silky and resistant. It also has the quality of reflecting its color, which makes it extremely shiny.



Merino Patagonian Wool

Originally from the patagonian meadows, it’s a super thin fiber and exceptionally soft. The Merino Wool regulates body temperature (even when it’s wet), and it counts with an excellent heat/weight relationship. At the same time, it naturally controls odor and it’s very elastic, so it easily adapts to movement.

Andean Sheep Wool

Its fibers belong to sheep that have adapted to extreme weather in the north of La Puna. They provide thermal isolation, and at the same time they are very elastic and soft, which makes them an excellent material to achieve extremely comfortable clothes.

While this genotype varies concerning the thickness of its fibers and its color shades, in Manos Andinas we encourage its use because it represents a characteristic of the Andean north, that’s why we call it the Andean Sheep.

Natural colors: white, chalk, butter.



The word cotton means thin tissue, and it’s the most used fiber in the world.

This fiber lets the air flow freely, letting the skin breathe and absorbing sweat. At the same time, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, soft and versatile.

Cotton clothes are highly resistant and they last a very long time.



Silk is a protein fiber that comes from silkworms. It’s distinguished by the fact that it’s thin, hypoallergenic and it has a soft and smooth texture to the touch. It has a unique fall, high resistance and an exceptional glow. This type of fiber also provides an important moisture absorbing quality.



Linen fiber is characterized by it being strong and flexible. Clothes made from this material are very resistant and shiny. The fibers are fresh, and because of their absorbing abilities, they are ideal to wear in hot and humid weathers.