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Products: features and care

Is it a unique product?

All manufactured products in Manos Andinas are very short series so we try to have you buy an almost exclusive garment.

How do they manufacture the products?

Our manufacturing process is semi-industrial, starting from natural sheared fiber manually, going through an industrial spinning and weaving process and finishing the garments manually and in some products in an artisanal way.

Is packaging eco-friendly?

All our products are made with natural fibers, based on sustainability and care for the environment.

How should I take care of my products?

Each garment bear its label with the care you must take so your product always stays as the first day. They are natural fibers and therefore delicate, so you can check the most important care on our website.

How should I wash my products?

We always recommend using cold water, hand washing, using neutral soaps for delicate clothes and drying in the sun, not spinning, or machine drying.

How do I know the sizes of your products?

The sizes of our garments appear in our online store.

Do you sell your own or third-party products?

All the products we offer are manufactured in our plant in Catamarca, Argentina and in cooperatives of the area that carry out the finishing or shearing.

Are your products fair trade?

Our products guarantee an integral development, with economic, social and environmental sustainability, respecting the customs of the peoples, their cultures, their traditions and giving fair value to all the raw materials we use.

Manos Andinas & Costumer Service

How can I contact you?

Through our social networks: @manosandinasoficial or by email: contacto@manos-andinas.com.

Is there Customer Service?

Of course, you can share all your queries through our social networks @manosandinasoficial or by email: contacto@manos-andinas.com.

I have sent you an email and received no reply. Do you have a contact phone?

Yes, you’ll find all the means to communicate with us in the Contact Section.

Who should I reach if I have problems during shippment?

You may contact us by e-mail: contacto@manos-andinas.com.

Who do I contact if I will like to sell your products?

Contact us via e-mail to mayorista@manos-andinas.com and we will send you the corresponding forms.

Shipping, Payment & Return Process

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times depends on the method chosen to receive your product, we guarantee a quick response once the purchase is completed

Where do you ship orders from?

Our products have a starting point from Catamarca or our offices in Buenos Aires, depending on the destination we dispatch accordingly.

Can I pay with PayPal or Mercado Pago?

Yes, we do offer a variety of options, you just need to choose the one you want once you make the purchase.

Can I buy from anywhere in the world?

Yes! We make domestic and international shipments.

How can I report a problem with my order?

You must contact us through our e-mail: contacto@manos-andinas.com.

If I order more than one item, will they all ship together?

Yes, we try to save the shipping cost as much as possible.

What credit cards do you accept?

Check our online store to find out if your card is available for payment.

I'm missing an item in the order, what do I do?

You must contact us through our e-mail: contacto@manos-andinas.com.

I received an incorrect item, what do I do?

You must contact us through our e-mail: contacto@manos-andinas.com.

Can I get an invoice?

Of course, you can request one by e-mail through contacto@manos-andinas.com.


Valid only for Argentina.

Changes to Manos Andinas products must be made through e-mail (contacto@manos-andinas.com), or at the point of sale where the product was purchased.

In case the customer does not agree with the purchased product, he/she may exchange it for any other product of the brand of equal value or for several products that equal or exceed the value of the previously purchased garment. The difference will be paid by the customer at the time of making such change.

Changes can be made within 30 calender days from the date of purchase, and must present purchase ticket, products in perfect condition and with their original labels.

For purchased products changes in our online store, you must communicate by e-mail to contacto@manos-andinas.com within 10 days of making the purchase.

For products purchased through our Pick Up Points, you can return and deliver new products on that site prior contacting our customer service center through the previously mentioned email.

In case shipping is necessary, the cost of recovery and re-shipment of the products is borne by the customer. The estimated time of the process is 15 business days.

Returns will only be accepted in case of a product failure. No charges will be taken in case of a defective product, an error in the shipped product or a lack of availability.

No refunds are made.